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The Oasis of Mindful Living

We will all encounter situations in our lives where the stress response will be triggered. Have you ever wondered whether you can 'switch off' this fight and flight mechanism for moments in the day to give the body a break?

Well, this is where Mindfulness really comes in. Even the most experienced meditators and Mindfulness teachers experience challenges, however in Ra Un Nefer Amen's valuable book 'Stress Free for Life', this phenomenal author speaks about stress being something which we need to eliminate and not 'manage'.

As a Mindfulness teacher it has been really amazing to see people transform their lives as they become more cognisant of the truth that we are free to choose how we respond to events in our lives. The wonders of staying in the NOW are vast, and learning to observe what's going on in our mind and body, and then breathing our way through the adversities, can have a significant impact on our health and well-being.

One of the ways to transcend suffering is through Mindful living, and to learn and apply the key principles such as gratitude, letting go, and acceptance into our daily life. Research informs us that we create realities with our images and thoughts, and so how liberating it is to know that we can image and affirm positive ways to see ourselves, others and the world around us. Firstly, we will need to give more time to our self-care and learn to take time for stillness, contemplation and to BREATHE...

Here is a gift for you today. It is a very short Mindfulness Meditation activity called 'Guided Inner Light'. Many on my 'Mindfulness in Action 5-Week courses have found it truly transformative. ENJOY!

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