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Dare to be you!

I am a dedicated Holistic Health practitioner, Author, Life-coach, Teacher, Lecturer with qualifications in Adult Education, Holistic Health therapies, Mindfulness, Acupressure, Leadership and Community development.

I came to England in 1976 from the beautiful island of Dominica in the West Indies, and through my own personal battles to overcome a childhood filled with racism, sexism, obesity, internalised oppression and teenage pregnancy I soon learnt and appreciated that all of these experiences were moulding and shaping me into the woman I have now become. This journey towards self-actualisation has led me to share my skills and expertise with others, and for over the last 30 years I have worked with hundreds of individuals and groups locally, nationally and internationally, enabling them to become that change they want to see!.

I have been blessed to study under the guidance of a spiritual counsellor, health consultant and homeopath to assist me  to develop my inner resources and to overcome my fears and DARE TO BE BOLD!.

15 years ago I found out that I had fibroids, and after making a decision to heal myself and shrink them naturally; eliminating all the negative symptoms I was experiencing. I chose not to opt for an invasive operation, and patiently took time to understand the body and how to make it work at its optimum.

Undertaking over 15 years of research around the subject of fibroids, and studying as a Holistic Health practitioner and Healer, the work directed me towards assisting others to get their health back on track. My womb-wellness support groups were birthed out of the need expressed  by so many women to have safe, confidential and supportive spaces where they can take time out, learn holistic health strategies, listen to their inner voice, make more informed choices about their health, and take full control of their lives again. The call for sessions such as the Mindfulness meditation classes and Energy balancing sessions have evolved out of a dire need expressed for more localised practical healing hubs for both men and women, and attendees have shared some amazing their health and in life generally.

This wellness journey is constantly shaping me, and I hope it inspires and shapes others too. 

Receiving comments from clients who have said that I am dynamic, intuitive, nurturing, inspirational and enabling has been invaluable and makes me know that I am on the right path. My work has now accelerated to the point where I facilitate online womb-wellness platforms, and I am one of the founder members of an international, global consortium raising awareness of  fibroids through a range of campaigns and extending the delivery of health lectures to the Caribbean also. Watch this space for my new book on fibroids which will out very soon too!.

My passion is working with others to enable them to tap into their own innate talents, and take their steps towards empowerment so they can fulfil their goals with maximum energy and confidence.

KMT Rising Ltd clients have commented that the services they have received has been ’truly life-changing’, 'inspiring’, ‘absolutely necessary’, and that it  has ‘challenged' them to make changes for the better!.

It all starts with your self-image and working towards becoming AUTHENTICALLY YOU!.

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