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About The Author

Nature's Pathways to Womb-Wellness by Imani Sorhaindo,
Founder & CEO at KMT Rising.

Imani Sorhaindo is a holistic health practitioner and coach, business owner and teacher.


Much of her work is centred around Mindful living, Energy work, Meditation and Fibroid support for women wanting to live their fullest life. Her work in the field of Community development and teaching has led her to have the privilege of working with hundreds of people locally, nationally, and globally, and her primary work with women has progressed into the birthing of this invaluable book.

Imani has become a well-known speaker on the subject of fibroids, and is one of the founder members of the Global Fibroid Alliance, a dynamic group working to raise awareness and campaign for fibroids to be placed higher on the international health agenda.


She facilitates local and national womb-wellness online sessions, and teachers her online 'Womb-an Series’. She is an author of several children’s books and poetry anthologies. This is her first book around holistic health, after her own 15-year journey of transforming her life, through the shrinking of fibroids, healing her own reproductive health conditions, and assisting many women to do the same.

Book Reviews

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Womb-Wellness : A journey towards Fibroid Elimination by Imani Sorhaindo.jpg

by Abi Begho

MSc, MPH, Founder, Lake Health and Well-being and Founding Member of the Global Fibroids Alliance

In 1935, Dr JT Witherspoon wrote: 

“Uterine fibroids are the commonest of pelvic neoplasms and therefore should command the interest of all gynecologists. What is the source of these tumors is a question that is asked daily and one which can be answered only in generalities.” 


Eighty-six years later and fibroids advocates and patients are still appealing for a greater focus on fibroids, and the answer to the question of the cause of fibroids is still answered in generalities. 

In the UK, Imani Sorhaindo has taken up the mantle and is empowering women to take control of their health. Following her own experience with fibroids in 2005, Imani has worked tirelessly to support women affected by fibroids and has helped women focus their energy on the root cause of fibroids through an effective, sensitive, holistic and culturally relevant approach that focuses on womb wellness.

Over the last 16 years, Imani has developed her expertise and knowledge of how womb wellness can be achieved, and this has culminated in the publication of this book, Nature’s Pathways to Womb-Wellness: A Journey Towards Fibroid Elimination.


This book is a comprehensive exploration of fibroids covering the biology of fibroids, symptoms, diagnosis and conventional methods of treatment.  The power of this book is that Imani explores areas that few authors have sought to address and that includes the role of structural racism, endocrine disruptors and our global food system in the development of fibroids, these are topics that many shy away from. Imani also explores natural methods of tackling fibroids with a significant focus on diet, nutrition and looking inward through mindfulness.


Nature’s Pathways to Womb-Wellness: A Journey Towards Fibroid Elimination is both informative and empowering answering the many important questions that women have had about fibroids and how to heal. Through this book, Imani helps women take back control of their health by creating a deeper understanding of their bodies and enabling an appreciation of the importance of a well-rounded holistic approach to healing.

This ground-breaking piece of work will make a significant difference in improving women’s health.

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