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A series of negotiated coaching sessions that help you to start working to improve your feminine energy and vitality, and work towards eliminating stagnation in your womb area through a range of holistic approaches. Getting you to understand your body is the first step towards feminine health. There is also a package specifically around fibroids.


The sessions will provide you with practical activities to reduce stress and improve energy flow, explore the benefits of a plant-based diet, understand the importance of nutrition/supplementation as well as assisting you to re-frame your thoughts for a positive outlook and balance.

You will also be signposted to excellent herbalists, massage practitioners, acupuncturists and healers to further accelerate your health improvements.


- Fibroids - Cut it or Cure it!

- A holistic approach to fibroid elimination
- The art of breathing 

- The power of mindfulness and meditation for reducing stress
- African queens throughout history -

A toolkit for success in the modern world

- Improving your mental performance

- Change management for leadership

-Assertiveness and confidence for work

- Effective communication with groups and teams


Fibroid and Womb-Wellness Support Groups  

(There are sessions currently running in Ipswich, Suffolk. A new group will be starting soon in South London so contact us if you wish to join.

Testimony from Mia:

"I've  been coming to the fibroid support group for a few years now and the first thing that hit me was the love expressed by all the Sisters in attendance.  

There was a newfound comfort in knowing I'm not alone!!! 

Each meet up has been a combination of invaluable information, full group support,  meditation mixed with a grounding exercise (visualisation). 

The nutritional and information on the factors that impact fibroid enabled me to look at things I hadn't considered and confirm  the information I already had.

Another important component to the group was  how interactive it is,  we all get to share and exchange ideas and knowledge that helps to foster some autonomy. 

This group is an amazing group,  our host Imani Sorhaindo has a heart that is undescribeable,  her delivery is confident detailed and given with pure love,  she is approachable and is equally open to knowledge and anecdotes that we have to share..... 

I'm so glad we have this group,  it is tailored to black women and that is imperative as there far too places that we can go that considers the our physiology".


- Womb-wellness exercises 

- Breath therapy
- Mindfulness meditation
- The power of creative visualisation for healing

- Energy balancing bliss

-Reiki group healing

- African-Inspired movement for healing

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