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Hi, my name is Imani Sorhaindo.
I am dedicated to 
helping you achieve maximum
results in your health, relationships and work. 

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Here at KMT Rising, we also specialise in Holistic therapies for women; working with women who have fibroids and other reproductive health concerns. I am a founder member of the Global Fibroid Alliance; an international fibroid organisation made up of professionals who are committed

and dedicated to improving women's reproductive  health.

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EXHALE - Women's Wellbeing Event

Watch this space!

 Muthu Belstead Brook Hotel, Suffolk

Take a look at what the women who attended had to say about the day.



"A very good range of talks and topics"

"I enjoyed meeting so many amazing women and it was great to get away from the City!"

"Lovely venue and great women and high quality event"

"I found everything brilliant!. I'd like to learn more about natural skincare, meditation and energy work next year"

"Two of the speakers spoke about the importance of having the right self-image as being key to health and joy"

"A great range of health-related stalls"

"The whole day was well put together and well presented. A great atmosphere"

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