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Pathways To A Healthier You

At KMT Rising, we believe that having a sound mind leads to better health and success in life,

allowing you to be resilient and thrive - not just survive!

Our mission is to provide services that help you experience a healthier and a more authentic life.

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Imani Sorhaindo
Founder & CEO at KMT Rising

Pathways To A Healthier You

Our range of services around Mindfulness, Breath and Energy Enhancement, and Womb-Wellness focuses on helping you to learn and adopt some of the most effective practices in personal care, empowering you to stay healthier using a range of holistic health therapies. 

Over the last 20 years, I have supported, helped and coached hundreds of people ranging from immunity boosting to improving energy levels, managing challenging health conditions as well as increasing their mental health and motivation.


I have evidenced through my work how complimentary Holistic Health practices has helped my clients to have better life outcomes; whether that’s personal, in their families, and/or in the workplace.

Some Events Coming Up

  • Energy Balancing/Qi Cultivation Online Classes
    21 Feb, 18:30 – 25 Jul, 19:10
    Zoom Online
  • Qi Cultivation for Restorative Health @ fishface in Ipswich, Suffolk
    20 Jun, 19:00 – 21 Jun, 19:00
    Ipswich, 11 The Walk, Ipswich IP1 1EA, UK
    A weekly class to bring about mind, body and spirit alignment. r
  • Mindfulness Strategies for Dealing with Life Challenges - For anyone 21+
    23 Jun, 19:30 – 21:00
    Online workshop
    An evening workshop to learn how to create more space for peace, creativity and self-awareness!
  • EXHALE 2023
    Sat, 01 Jul
    01 Jul, 12:00 – 18:00
    Ipswich, Belstead Rd, Ipswich IP2 9HB, UK
    An annual event for women to heal, nurture and re-energise!

What You Can Expect

My life's mission is to help you and many more people live their healthier and authentic life. My vision is for everyone to experience a healthier life without the barriers and inequalities that impact self-care and and self-empowerment.

Thirty (30) years of experience in leadership, management,  teaching and quality assurance, coupled with my working knowledge and experience in Holistic Health and Equality, has shaped the results my clients experience locally, nationally and internationally.

Womb-Wellness & Fibroid Support

The Womb-wellness and fibroid support for women

across the globe is a confidential service designed to help women who feel unable to share what they are going through - to build the confidence in exploring our range of therapies that can really make a difference in their lives.

From a lived experience of fibroids, and being one of the co- founders of the Global Fibroid Alliance (an international fibroid organisation made up of professionals who are dedicated to improving women's reproductive  health), I have researched these health conditions for over 20 years, culminating in developing and combining a range of resources and techniques to help many women recover from these debilitating health conditions.


Coaching Services

“ I was not performing well in my management role at work, and found the coaching sessions really useful. The coaching style and approach really got me to look at myself, the way I was managing others, and I found a way of getting the most out of my team through better relationships with them. The team started to perform better - as I started performing better myself. Quite liberating really! ”

D. Garrard

Product Manager


About Us

Testimonials & Feedback

What Clients Say

"What I really loved about this service was the holistic approach that was used. It helped me to build and gain knowledge on what I know. I prefer this approach and feel very drawn to it. Working with someone who had a greater understanding of holistic therapy such as TCM, Energy Work, Guided meditation and visualisation helped me to connect with Imani. She was very understanding, approachable, empathetic. She is someone who knows what I’m going through and that was very helpful, knowing that you were able to relieve your body of fibroids, the emotions and toxic energy naturally gave me hope."(M. Graham)

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